Combining the ancient techniques of the Thai massage with your signature blended oil this experience takes the best from both massages. Focussing on the energy lines and acupressure points to stimulate the body's self healing this will leave you feeling renewed and restored to your own body's natural rhythm.

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Traditional Thai massage is like a combnation of acupressure, yoga, and zen shiatsu. It consists of rhythmic and slow compressions and stretches along the body's energy lines. The therapist use their hand palms, thumbs, elbows, and feet in an effort to manipulate the release of tension from within the body.

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Thai Foot Massage is a massage of the feet and lower legs. It involves stretching and massage to open up the bodies energy lines or 'sen' as they are called in Thai. A stick is used to apply pressure and stimulate specific reflex points of the feet that correspond to various internal organs of the body.s

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Thai herbal massage stimulate the bodies internally allowing whole body healing. The herbal massage compress aids further healing as the particular selection of Thai herbs produce many healing properties to the mind, body and soul. Accompanied by the traditional Thai massage, the Thai herbal compress promotes healing in many ways.

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Thai head massage limbers and frees joint movement and flexibility in the shoulders and neck, dislodges knots of muscular tension, relaxes muscle tissue, increase blood circulation and lymphatic performance and helps in the elimination of accumulated waste particles and toxins. Stress and tension are also greatly reduced.

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Hot stone therapy is type of massage with detoxifiction properties. The hot stones induces the body into such a relaxed state that the muscles release any stored up toxins. It also stimulates the circulation which enourages the toxins to permeate up to the exterior of the skin. This combination of generated heat along with the techniques of the Thai massage encourages the muscles to release the toxins even further.
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Massage Therapy Benefits

Physical Benefits of Thai Massage

• lower blood pressure and increase blood circulation,
• Encourage muscle relaxation, increase flexibility in your muscles and increase mobility,
• Improve breathing and sleep
• Help detoxifiy the body and boost the immune system
• Improves balance, posture, corrects body alignments and eliminate energy blockages
• Help with sports injuries, arthritis and back pain,
• Improves athletic and physical performance,
• Strengthen ligaments and joints,
• Help tone the body and fight diseases including chronic joint problems,
• Slows down the aging process,
• Prevents illnesses and alleviate degenerative diseases,

Mental Benefits of Thai Massage

• Improved concentration and creativity
• Clear and calm your mind
• Helps you to acquire mental clarity

Psychological effects of Thai Massage

• Reduce and relieve stress and anxiety
• Boost your inner energy levels
• Promote tolerance and self-control
• Improve general health, vitality and overall well being.
• Increase your energy level and stamina
• Build confidence